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Learn to read music book? [09 Jul 2015|11:22pm]

Does anyone know of a good learning to read music workbook for the harp?
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Simon playing "Abschied der Zugvögel" [31 Mar 2014|12:25pm]



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[06 Mar 2014|05:34am]

Оригинал взят у alizbar в post

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Stolen harps! Oh no! [03 Sep 2013|07:55pm]

$$ REWARD $$

Stolen between August 23 - 28
Contact: (530) 265-5599 or Nevada County Sheriff (530) 265-1471
Lisa Stine has been a loving and giving
member of the Nevada County community
for decades. She has played for many
non-profit groups and youth, cancer
survivor and educational events. This is a
tragedy for her. Let’s help her restore her
spirits and faith.

She also lost family heirloom jewelry and favored
jewelry with harp motif.

*James Rydecki Harp, 40 strings Luthian model
Walnut carved, electric pick-up. Signed inside bottom.
*Dusty Strings FH36s, (Left) Serial Number 8046
Similar to this picture but is Wenge (dark brown almost
black) wood with a Koa (caramel color)
wood soundboard (chocolate/caramel) 36 strings has
electric pick-up
* 6 small lap harps in green cases,
22 strings, levers on f,c,b
heart cutouts on soundboard

$$ REWARD $$
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Sweet Hour of Prayer [19 Jun 2013|12:49am]

It's a little bit quiet out here in this community, isn't it?
If anybody is still here and doesn't mind, I'll share my fresh video with the sound track of the traditional hymn I've recorded a couple of months ago... Hope, you like it!

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Markwood harp? [22 Feb 2013|11:23am]

Hello? I see that the last post to this community was over a year ago, but if anyone is still following it, I had a question...

I'm considering buying a used Markwood harp, which is made out of walnut and has 36 strings. It's a bit old (made in 1985) and a little dinged up, but nothing major as far as I can tell. I was just wondering if anyone has experience with a Markwood harp? I've not found much information about them on-line and am not sure if they even make harps anymore, though I see they still make strings and cases.

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You never forget your first love. [13 Feb 2012|06:40pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Today I sold my Lily, the harp I learnt to play on. I thought I was okay with the decision when I made it a few days ago. I can use the money, since I've destroyed my front bumper in one of those parking lot/destruction by evil campus cement barrier that's somehow okay accidents and need to raise the price of the deductible. I've also started playing the guitar for now, since i can't afford a better harp at this point in time, and let's face it, Lily was too small for my hand size and I wanted more than three and a half octaves to work with, so it's not like music is leaving my life completely, and someday, when I can afford one, I'm going to pick up a harp again and I know it. I even know that I'll be going for a Dusty Springs, though that's at least three years off right now... 

But...it hurts, I guess, if that makes sense. Lily's the instrument I finally learned to read music with, the first that I could play a real song on, and she helped me find my place religiously (I'm pagan and used her a lot in rituals the first year I was practicing).  It's...the end of an era I guess.  I'm excited to have more time to devote to my guitar, and I will always love the harp and come back to it when I can afford to go a model up, or even rent one, and to devote more time to practicing, but until then...

I'm left feeling a little bittersweet, really. I'm happy that she served me well and we had a good run together, and I'm not the musician, or even the person who picked her up four years ago, but I'd put so much of my identity into my little pink harp without even realizing it.  It's funny how that happens I guess. I just needed people I could share this with, and well, why not some other harpers and musicians, right? :) 

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[01 Nov 2011|11:43pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello, LiveJournal's harping community!

I am a newbie both to this community and to playing the harp in general.  I purchased my used Dusty Strings FH26 about three years ago from the Virginia Harp Center, but only really started playing this past summer.  I'm teaching myself and I have learned seven or eight pieces so far, including a couple of my own arrangements.  I am lucky enough to know another harpist, so my hand position isn't too horrific and I pretty much know the basics.

However, even though I love my little harp dearly, and the sound is superb, it only has 26 strings.  There isn't very much harp music out there for 26-stringed harps unless you count the many simple songs in the "Learn the harp!" books.  And as fun as arranging my own music is, I'd rather not have to arrange all of my songs that are supposed to be for bigger harps.

Do any of you know any free online intermediate to advanced music that can be played on 26 strings, or can be very easily modified to fit this range?  I just ordered two books from Harper Tasche's "Small Harps" series, but I was wondering if there was any readily available music I could access in the meantime.

Thank you all so much!


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The Internet Archive [31 Jul 2011|12:21am]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to mention the Internet Archive to you all, in case you were not aware of it.

Check out the categories of Harp Music, and Harp music, Arranged, and, say International Harp Archive at Brigham Young University perhaps?

As far as I am aware, this is fair use, out-of-copyright stuff. Your mileage may vary (by country and by item) so please check for yourself. It's good karma :)

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Beginner Harpist [02 Jul 2011|11:10am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello all! I am a new harpist, my first musical instrument since the brief attempts to play piano, flute, and recorder as a kid. I had to teach myself to read music because anything I had learned in childhood, I had forgotten. I bought myself a nylon-strung Celtic harp, the Heather model, back in February, and have been teaching myself with a beginner book ever since. I'm loving it! I'm not any good yet, but I'm a lot farther along than I expected to be just by teaching myself. I'd be a lot better if I actually practiced more than once or twice a week, but it's a hobby, so I do what I can.

The first little while I spent playing around with my new toy, I explored various ways to make music. Without knowing it was wrong, I taught myself to play with all ten fingers. By the time I learned that I'm supposed to neglect the pinky, I had already gotten used to positioning my hands to use it. And so, I play using all my fingers, which I know is not the proper way to play. On the one hand, I'm of the opinion that as long as it sounds good, I'm fine. On the other hand, I don't know if improper hand positioning will lead to trouble in the future. Does anyone have any advice on this?

Thank you all! Here's a picture of my Heather, a simple mass-produced harp, but pretty and perfect for my needs.

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Title of these songs? [22 May 2011|01:27pm]


The first three pieces I learned on harp, my teacher would only identify as Welsh Song Number 1, Welsh Song Number 2, and Irish Slip Jig (he said he couldn't pronounce the original titles ;)

I was hoping someone could help me by identifying the real titles: Read more...Collapse )
Thank you for your time!
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[03 May 2011|11:23am]


 Guildhall School of Music & Drama Harp Department Presents:
SUNDAY 15 MAY 2011
9.30am - 5.00pm


With Andrew Lawrence-King
GSMD Professor of Early Harp

9.30 Arrival and Coffee ALL DAY:

10.00-10.45 Workshop: try Medieval & Renaissance harps
Experiment: Medieval improvisation 

11.00-11.45 Workshop: try baroque Irish harp Exhibition of
Discussion: Celtic or Baroque? Traditional or Authentic? Early Harps

12.00-1.00 Workshop: try Spanish double harp & Italian triple harp
Experiment: Continuo & Improvisation

1.00-2.00 Lunch Break

2.00-2.30 Recital by Andrew Lawrence-King 

2.30-3.00 Q & A and TRILL CLINIC:
Bring your style problems and ornament nightmares

3.15- 4.00 Workshop: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 
Experiment: Rhythm & Dances Masterclass: HANDEL HARP CONCERTO 

4.15-5.00 Workshop: Try 18th-century harp technique
Masterclass: MOZART FLUTE & HARP CONCERTO Book your place:
(Bring your own flautist or borrow ours)
Discussion: Empfindsamkeit, CPE Bach



Guildhall School

Lecture Recital Room, Silk St, Barbican,

London EC2Y 8DT
Tel: 020 7435 6458

Admission FREE, but advanced booking is ESSENTIAL
as places strictly limited 
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[29 Apr 2011|02:39pm]

JUNE 10-12 2011


Imagine an opportunity to develop your vocal and harp playing skills among the mountains, lakes and endless Atlantic beaches of Donegal!
To coincide with the release of their new album, Voices & Harps, Moya Brennan and Cormac De Barra are holding an exclusive weekend workshop in voice and Irish harp.
This will take place in Gweedore, Co. Donegal on the weekend of June 10-12 2011

The workshop will be geared towards those with a keen interest in combining singing with harp playing (singers looking to perform with harp accompaniment, voice with self accompaniment, voice and vocal harmonies or harpers developing their accompaniment skills).

The workshop fee of 275 euro will include all Saturday and Sunday workshop sessions plus lunch and dinner on both days. Travel and accomodation should be arranged by participants themselves but options for both will be posted on the workshop web page. Places are limited so immediate booking is advised.

Registration in Leo’s Tavern from 7.30-9pm on Friday evening will also include an informal introduction from Moya and Cormac and will be followed by a traditional session with local musicians. (Saturday morning registration will also be possible). Saturday night entertainment will be provided by Moya and Cormac themselves and the finale, in the renowned Leo’s Tavern on Sunday evening, will give participants the opportunity to perform a selection of the material from the workshop.

Full details of the workshop schedule and registration can be found at:

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Продаю арфу [04 Nov 2010|04:42pm]

Арфа производства ф-ки им. Луначарского, серия 19, 1996г., декорирована шпоном лимонного дерева. Продается за 6.5 тыс.евро. Тел. 8 (916) 846 99 60 Юлия
фотоCollapse )
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Andrew Lawrence-King master-classes: Italian early 17th-century & The Beginning of Continuo [13 Sep 2010|08:47am]

Historical technique, period style, tactus, continuo, ornamentation,tuning, temperaments, improvisation, sprezzatura, poetics, word-painting, toccatas, diminutions, continuo songs, early opera & early oratorio.

2 Italian triple harps & a variety of other instrumentsfrom Andrew’s collection will be freely available.
Continuo organ will be freely available.
Continuo harpsichord can be hired (Enquire for details)
Pedal (double-action) harp can be provided to use.
Single-action harp is available.

OPEN TO: Harp (any type of harp, any level of experience), theorbo, guitar, keyboards, singers etc.

COURSE FEE: £100 per day (Saturday & Sunday)

Friday 29th Oct 1800 (Welcome & Introduction Workshop) No fee for Friday evening
Saturday 30th Oct 10-13 1430-1730 (Classes & Workshops)
Sunday 31st Oct 10-13, 1430-1730 (Classes & Workshops)


TUTOR: Andrew Lawrence-King

For information on travel to Guernsey and local accommodation: www.VisitGuernsey.com or contact us.

CONTACT: Info@TheHarpConsort.com


Andrew Lawrence-King

Baroque-harp virtuoso and imaginative continuo-player, Andrew Lawrence-King is recognised as one of the world’s leading performers of early music. A creative and inspiring conductor, he has led baroque operas and oratorios at La Scala, Milan; Sydney Opera House; Casals Hall, Tokyo; Berlin Philharmonie; Vienna Konzerthaus; and New York’s Carnegie Hall.With Luz y Norte (1994), and Italian Concerto, Andrew began a series of award-winning recordings as soloist and director of The Harp Consort, continuing with Missa Mexican and Miracles of Notre Dame on Harmonia Mundi USA. He has also recorded Vivaldi’s Four Seasons & Handel's first opera, Almira. Andrew's latest solo CD is Chorégraphie.Andrew's work on 17th-century dances with Steven Player & The Harp Consort has won the ensemble an unparalleled reputation for stylish and entertaining stage-shows, and the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council awarded him a three-year Fellowship at Sheffield University to research early Spanish opera and oratorio. He is Principal Guest Director of Concerto Copenhagen, Scandinavia's leading baroque orchestra and a regular guest director with early music ensembles, baroque and modern orchestras worldwide.Dr Lawrence-King is Professor of Early Harp at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London and teaches at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen.

X-posted to historical_harp, but I think it will be interesting for modern harpists as well.
Pedal (double-action) harp can be provided to use. Single-action harp is available.
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For Sale in the United Kingdom - Flatsicle. [15 Feb 2010|04:34pm]

I am selling my 1 year old Harpsicle. (This is a library picture of a Fullsicle Harp - the item for sale is a *Flatsicle*, but otherwise looks identical)

I bought the harp brand new directly from William Rees in October 2008.  It is a "Flatsicle" - ie. it has  Robinson sharping levers on the C, F and B strings. This allows the harp to play in 8 different keys (C,G,D,F major and A,E,B,D minor) without retuning.  It also is an electro-acoustic harp, and has an electric pickup installed to allow playing directly through an amplifier.

It is made in maple like the picture above.

A harpsicle has 26 strings, covering G to C below mid-C, and it plays *very* sweetly, as anyone who has heard it will attest.

Along with the harp itself, I will be selling the harp case, tuning wrench, pickup and harp strap.  The only current supplier of Harpsicles in the UK is Pilgrim Harps, and they only sell the basic model (without sharping levers or pickup) which retails at £555.  By my calculations, the package I have here would be worth in excess of £660, IF it were available in the UK (which it currently isn't).

I would like to get £550 for the whole harp outfit.

I am happy to mongol-mail it for free anywhere I have connections, or to pack it up and post it for cost.

My reason for sale?  I need to finish building my new house *right now*, and can no longer afford the luxury of two harps.  The Flatsicle needs a new home and I need to pay for some plasterboard!

Any interest?  Please feel free to point others at this entry...
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Christmas Music [04 Dec 2009|06:24pm]

Does anyone have a link for free, Christmas, harp sheet music? My google left me terribly disappointed. I have an Irish Folk Harp and I'm just learning the basics, so something simple would be nice.

Thanks. :)
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[03 Dec 2009|11:26am]

I'm considering learning to play the harp. :] Do you know of any good beginning books/websites for me to look through? I play the violin and guitar already, so I don't need to learn the basics of music - just the basics of harp. :]
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Rent or Buy? [17 Nov 2009|06:25pm]

So I posted this over on harpcolumn.com, but I figured I'd ask here as well because I can't stop debating it in my head: I moved into a very small apt. in August and had to give up the Ogden I'd been learning on (with a teacher) because of space issues. I'm missing the harp pretty terribly, so now I'm debating between either buying a Sharpsicle (or possibly a Fullsicle...I'm emailing back and forth with someone about that) or renting a Ravenna 26 for $50 a month in a rent-to-own program.

Advice? I keep going back and forth on it in my head. I have a half hour appointment on Saturday to either purchase or buy.

Also, does anyone know anyone in Boston who specializes in teaching lap harps/26 string harps vs. a larger harp?
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The Recording Process [25 Sep 2009|01:16am]


Hello, there.

I'm simply looking for a harpist that has adequate recording capabilities. I'm making a montage for a music composition demo, recording all of the necessary instruments myself as well as using soundfonts. The necessary subtle acoustic properties of the harp are not well emulated in any of the soundfonts I possess, so I was wondering if someone here could be ready to receive from me, by e-mail, 4-5-6 different glissandi to record. Help a brother out?

Go ahead and reply here going "SPAM OMG GRRR!!!!!!!" so that I may respond to show that I am, indeed, a real life human!

Thanks very much for what time you may dispense for me.

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