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For Sale in the United Kingdom - Flatsicle.

I am selling my 1 year old Harpsicle. (This is a library picture of a Fullsicle Harp - the item for sale is a *Flatsicle*, but otherwise looks identical)

I bought the harp brand new directly from William Rees in October 2008.  It is a "Flatsicle" - ie. it has  Robinson sharping levers on the C, F and B strings. This allows the harp to play in 8 different keys (C,G,D,F major and A,E,B,D minor) without retuning.  It also is an electro-acoustic harp, and has an electric pickup installed to allow playing directly through an amplifier.

It is made in maple like the picture above.

A harpsicle has 26 strings, covering G to C below mid-C, and it plays *very* sweetly, as anyone who has heard it will attest.

Along with the harp itself, I will be selling the harp case, tuning wrench, pickup and harp strap.  The only current supplier of Harpsicles in the UK is Pilgrim Harps, and they only sell the basic model (without sharping levers or pickup) which retails at £555.  By my calculations, the package I have here would be worth in excess of £660, IF it were available in the UK (which it currently isn't).

I would like to get £550 for the whole harp outfit.

I am happy to mongol-mail it for free anywhere I have connections, or to pack it up and post it for cost.

My reason for sale?  I need to finish building my new house *right now*, and can no longer afford the luxury of two harps.  The Flatsicle needs a new home and I need to pay for some plasterboard!

Any interest?  Please feel free to point others at this entry...
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