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harp's Journal

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This is a community for all things harp-related. This can mean tangentially-related, too (like harp sightings, or wind harps). Sources, links, or other resources would be fantastic. Say you stumble on a harp reference in your academic research- go ahead and post!

Wire harpists: welcome! You may also wish to visit wireharp. :)

Please read the rules before you post or reply.

Community Rules

  • You can introduce yourself or not, as you prefer. :)
  • Main rule: be civil. You may disagree, or state whatever opinion you wish- but do it civilly. (Any and all exceptions to this rule are to follow.) Reasonable efforts at politeness and respecting the feelings of others are par for this course.
  • If you cannot treat someone with civility, please do not reply to them. (If they enrage you or are inappropriate, email me instead of them.)
  • NO flames, NO hate of others (stick all those negative "isms" in this category).
  • Please do not get into bald statements of "My harp/technique/cadenza is better than yours." It's unconstructive and does not contribute to knowledge or (polite) discussion. :) If you believe one method/whatever to be better for a situation- please give reasons. If they're not good reasons, I suggest you duck!
  • This is not a community to trade photocopies or pirated music...DO NOT ASK! Fair use only.
  • Advertisements from professional individuals or businesses, auctions, and things for sale: make it clear what it is, in the title of your post (preferably) or the first line of text. Post one image and/or about one paragraph of text, and put the rest behind a clearly labelled lj-cut.
  • If you post multiple pictures, or long posts, use an lj-cut tag. Use your discretion here.
  • This community is for all ages, please tailor your language accordingly. Keep adult content on your own journal or elsewhere and provide a link with a note about suitability.
Follow-through regarding inappropriate behaviour: on first offense you will get a warning, on second offense I will delete your post or comment, third time I will remove (ban) you. This no longer applies to trolls; you will get one warning or none at all. If you want to contest the designation of troll, there's my email address.

If you feel a need to correct my wrongs or yell at me, again, there's my email address. :o)

harpygirl, mod. (Jun.8/06)